Why Boxing Is the best hobby

People tend to have different kinds of hobbies mainly to escape from their stressful life routines. It is a perfect way of fulfilling their unmet desires that makes them feel special. It is believed around the world that practicing sports makes a major contribution to your quality of life even if it’s just doing gym daily. Boxing is among the best hobbies & sports for answering all your fitness needs. It is more like playing underwater chess: you are in a swimming pool with sharks. What you need to do is keep moving, necessarily making concentrate harder, while you feel that you are unable to get sufficient air. But you still love it anyway. Here are some of the reasons why we believe that boxing is the best hobby one can have. 

(1)   It helps in Building Athleticism

Boxing doesn’t require you to be ‘fit’ to start practicing it. But in fact, it makes you perfect. Once you have started practicing this sport, it leads you to develop strength & endurance. Boxing is the sport that brings something which your body isn’t habitual of facing. It is one of the sports which indulges its practitioner in athleticism. Being good at boxing requires tons of physical & mental strength, endurance, resistance & speed. So, it is more like a whole structural exercise for the body. You don’t get to start boxing in just a class. It demands you to build mobility, gain strength & speed first then eventually you will learn how to play this sport. Yes, if you are already athletically inclined then it is a bonus

(2) You will be able to defend yourself

Being able to defend yourself whenever you want is among the obvious advantages of boxing. All martial art forms are practiced mostly to learn defensive techniques & boxing takes the lead in that. The ability to defend yourself does not come naturally. It is more like forming a habit that you develop as a result sparring 40 to 50 minutes against different opponents per day while learning it. It makes you work and improve your timing, footwork & speed in order to gain a healthy amount of required confidence for defending yourself in case of any attack. It is significant to learn a sport for sake of self-defense in case of any danger, and we believe that boxing is best at that. It teaches the control of movements, skill for planning an attack & striking at the right time.

(3) boost your physical & Mental Strength

Practicing Boxing can be a great challenge to take. It does not only push you what you can withstand in order to build endurance, but also boost your confidence. More you spar & train, the more you get up & fight again, rather than turning back & running from your opponent. Boxing makes you train your body & mind constantly for persistence. This sport is an amazing stress buster. Sparring & releasing all stocked energy helps you to become calmer & less aggressive as a person in all other aspects of your life. Any type of endorphin that your body releases aids you in doing that, since practicing boxing involves a lot of physical movements than rest while making your body contact with others almost all the time helps in releasing all of the pent-up emotions.

(4) Makes you work on self-confidence and esteem

Your ability & your self-confidence will boost up by regularly practicing this sport. Sparring with strangers in the ring especially when a tough crowd is surrounding you isn’t easy. But when you are able to face and fight that there is not so much left that you will ever think of shying away from. Acquiring a new set of skills & starting practicing it religiously, make you feel automatically that you are capable of doing much more. This sense naturally increases your confidence and makes you believe in yourself.

Now, if you are thinking about which sport you should take up & excel in, we suggest that it should be boxing for sure. So, get yourself a pair of good boxing gloves and step on the way that will change your life.

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