How to Give Cardboard Boxes New Life


Why we require packaging is the simple question which is answered in easiest way as to protect the product inside from damage and contamination. By saying this there is no other need to tell in detail about packaging and its importance.

My first playpen was a cardboard box – Michael Lee-Chin

The first thing that comes to mind while talking about the packaging is the cardboard box that we have seen since our birth. A forever material that is easy to recycle, doesn’t cost much and is found in all houses for storage and packaging.

In order to summarize about cardboard packaging, it would not be wrong to say that it is the most useful type of packaging that makes the object easier to transport, preserves them from any type of contamination, promote the product when used for packaging products in business and can be used to convey information about the product (Printed cardboard boxes).

Let’s talk a bit about cardboard boxes and their significance in detail.

Cardboard boxes:

Cardboard itself is not the material, but it is used as a term to describe different paper-type materials which includes

  • Fiberboard
  • Paperboard
  • Recycled paper
  • Corrugated sheet

All these sheets are available in different thicknesses with varying strengths. Know-how of materials and thicknesses can help the consumers to decide what would be the best material for the work they are going to perform from the cardboard.

As these boxes are used to hold specific products until they are ready for shipping or for being sold, these boxes should be big enough to hold the product and strong enough to protect the product from any kind of damage. Such characteristics, if cardboard boxes make them are used again and again for different products. Many companies provide wholesale cardboard boxes which are much cheaper than normal cardboard boxes as they are purchased in bulk.

Shape and size of cardboard boxes:

These boxes come in various shapes, sizes as well as designs. The Size of the box can be determined by the size of the product.  Customize Cardboard packaging is also available in the market, which includes different shapes according to customers demand e.g. for Valentine’s Day people prefer heart shape boxes. Similarly, different colors are also available in these boxes, e.g. red color of white and red color for Christmas. Various stores around the country provide cardboard boxes. You can either buy products which are stored in these boxes, or you can buy empty decorated cardboard boxes. These boxes are also used as gift boxes. Decorated cardboard boxes with windows, ribbons, and handles are available in the market, which serves best for giving gifts to your loved ones. You can also order special boxes in various printing stores for events and functions. If you are hosting a party, you can make gift boxes from wholesale cardboard boxes as they are easily available will save your time and will not cost much.

How to Give Cardboard Boxes New Life:

There is much more to cardboard boxes than we realize. There are custom printed cardboard boxes available in the market. These customize cardboard packaging has contents printed on them, which is achieved through screen printing techniques. Recycled cardboard:

Cardboard can be recycled easily which is best as it can be used again and again, which means using the same cardboard for multiple things

Cardboard boxes can be used in many ways because of their quality of recycling. Some of the most common uses of cardboard boxes are

  • For packaging: Slotted cardboard boxes. These are most commonly used boxes whose flaps can be tapped to secure product. They are available in the market as flat boxes which can easily be changed into their form when required. Once the box is changed into its form it makes an empty cube which can be used again and again for various things.
  • For moving: The most common use of cardboard boxes is to move the items. Either you are moving a small product from one room to the other or you are completely shifting your house from one city to the other these boxes are the best way to do that. With the easy availability of different sizes of cardboard boxes, they can be used to hold different things of different shapes and sizes which are beneficial.
  • For decorations: If you want to host a party, but have a limited budget, you can always go for these boxes to fulfill your needs of decorations. As they can be used to make frames, tables, backdrops, base and much more. You just need to decorate these boxes with different colors and you are good to go. In addition, if you are launching a new business or you are into selling something especially teenage activities for fundraising you can use boxes to make signs for your stalls which will save you a lot of money as these boxes are easy to paint and are easily available. You can also make your money boxes with these cardboard boxes.
  • Homes for pets: Another great use of cardboard boxes is to make small houses for your pets. Many DIY’s are available online regarding pet houses. The good thing about them is that they are not heavy and can easily be shifted from one room to the other.  
  • Many other uses of cardboard boxes are present which includes pinhole cameras, toy boxes, model making, decorations including jewelry boxes, makeup boxes, book racks etc. You can do anything to everything from these boxes. Beautifully printed cardboard boxes can easily be converted as covers for books or as drawers. As they don’t require any additional ornamentation on them. These boxes have infinite uses. The only limitation is the creativity. The more creative you are, the more you can mold these wholesale cardboard boxes according to your use which will save you time as well as money.