Secret to better Health – Workout

A Healthy lifestyle is responsible for providing you the means to live a full life with its true meaning & purpose. Anybody who owns a good physical state tends to have bodily functions & all other processes working in their best state. No matter what your age, body-mass, gender, or fitness state there is enough evidence that supports how physical exercise improves your overall health. Even 30 minutes of moderate exercise each day can reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, cancers such as breast & colon, and state of depression. 

Types of Exercise

Generally, there are 4 main types of workout

Aerobic Workout: 

Aerobic Workout includes exercises that increase your heart rate & makes breathing harder. These exercises can be as simple as walking but also includes activities such as cycling, swimming, jogging, hiking, rope jumping, & dancing. Do these activities for 10 minutes cycles at a time & total 30 minutes per day.

Strength Training:

Doing strengthening exercises while putting on your workout clothes twice a week can make you gain strength & muscle fitness. Adults should do at least 8 to 12 cycles of activities for huge muscle groups, like legs, abdomen, back, hips, chest, & shoulders.

Flexibility workout:

Flexibility exercises serve as a vital fitness component yet overlooked. Body’s Flexibility can help in preventing injury & allows the optimal working of joints. There are multiple exercises for improving flexibility such as stretching, dynamic warm-up, yoga, or simply stair climbing. In order to work out on your flexibility consider working out at least 4 times per week.

Balance Exercises:

Improving balance is important for your overall well-being & day to day activities. It includes strengthening core muscles that improves balance & coordination. Balancing workout boosts the communication among muscles & brain, reduces falls, prevents injuries, & improves your quality of life.

Benefits of Workout

 Working out daily can bring a number of benefits. Here are some are listed below:

1)    Improves your overall Mood & Mental Health:

Studies show that even 30 minutes of aerobic workout or mixed strength training, stimulates Hormone that can make you feel happy & more relaxed. It helps you in managing stress & depression.

2) Boosts Your Energy Level:

 Exercising regularly improves your mobility & increases your body’s endurance. Working out aids your heart health & optimize oxygen that gets transported to your brain & vital organs. While improving the quality of your sleep.

3) Protects your Bone Density:

As you age, your bone tends to lose calcium & become weaker. Regular exercise helps slow down or reverse this. Stronger muscles mean improved mobility & balance, while reducing risk of falling

4)    Prevents Over Weight:

Both diet & exercise play an important role in controlling your body’s weight. Engaging yourself in physical exercise, makes you burn your excess calories. As you prolong activity or increase the intensity, you get to burn more calories that makes you more active for the whole day.

5)    Reliefs Back Pain

Your muscles tend to get shorter & weaken as you age. Weakened and stiffer muscular fibers make you prone to injuries, lower back pain, & stress. Regular exercises stretch elastic fibers that surround your muscles & tendons thus reducing the risk.

6) Prevents fall

Your body loses its balance over time. Doing balance workouts regularly is one of the best ways of preventing falls that may lead to temporary or permanent mobility disorder.

7)    Treats Health issues & Diseases

Regular work out helps in preventing & managing a number of health related issues & chronic diseases. It also reduces the chance of getting cardiovascular disease. For those who are suffering from it already, working out reduces the risk of dying from it.

8) Social Benefits:

Exercising in the gym connects you with friends & family. A lot of people do not exercise alone which makes them workout with people coming from diverse backgrounds. 

Never shy away from exercise. No matter what your age is, setting an exercise is the best thing you can do. One does not have to be an athlete or bodybuilder, you can choose to work out in order to shape your body and fit in your clothes.

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