Health Benefits of Beetroot Juice For Skin and Health


Beetroot juice is a tonic that has numerous effects on your body such as can enhance your enthusiasm, reducing your high blood pressure, boosts your body’s minerals & vitamins, enhances liver functions, improves skin texture, promotes digestive health, strengthens your athletic performance, keeps the blood sugar level stable and give a shot in the arm to your sexual libido.

It might not be called a super food, but was used as a liver protector in ancient times.modern science is paying a lot of attention to know the benefits of the juice of this wonderful vegetable root. It wins hands down against all the rest of the juices. If you have never tried drinking it’s juice, begin drinking right now.

Never be late than ever. In the ancient philosophies beet was not regarded as a vegetable, but was thought to be a medicine bestowed by nature to heal we humans. Read more about 8 Natural Skin Care Tips For Beautiful Look

Initially beets were appreciated for their magnificent greenery that was loaded with enormous nutrients and curability. During the middle ages it’s functions enhanced to curing many digestive disorders and diseases related to blood. But the interest kept gaining popularity and in some past decades we came to know about it’s true value.

 Grown in the fertile ground, it is related to turnips, Swedes and sugar beets. It can make you healthy, look young, sharp and skilled.

Health Benefits of Beetroot Juice For Skin Care

Today we are going to discuss its benefits on your health and skin texture.

  • Skin texture is protected against all blemishes and pigmentation, enhancing it’s moisturizer & flexibility.
  • The anti-oxidants it carries neutralize the free radicals. It’s ingredient lycopene protects the texture from harmful rays of the Sun and enhances flexibility.
  • Halts the breakout of acne & pimples because it has  an anti-inflammatory  action on both oily and dry skin. If you find its taste a little awkward, you can add carrot, cucumber or orange juice to make it a tasty drink that suits your taste buds.
  • If you have any scars left over after acne is gone, try applying beetroot juice after mixing yogurt of half the quantity, now apply it directly on the infected area and all will vanish within some days.
  • This juice has an abundance of iron, vitamins & minerals that keep your skin moisturized, if you drink it regularly.
  • It helps in killing all the toxins present in the body by purifying the blood.
  • If dabbed on your face regularly, it makes your skin supple and glowing. Because beetroot juice helps  to swap the dead skin cells with new ones.
  • Everybody needs a fair skin, especially the young females, but have a lump in their throats and are doubtful and afraid to use any creams and lotions because of their side effects where as it also makes the skin fairer and light. More information about Pores and skin care secrets for healthy skin 

How to Use

  • Drink it’s juice regularly and also apply 1 teaspoon mixed with the same amount of lemon juice and let it rest for 15-20 minutes and then wash it with plain water before you hit the sack. It will certainly make your complexion shine.
  • Mix this juice with a little clay and make a clay mask on your face for some time. It will also give you positive results. Drink it’s juice regularly to get better before you beat the clock

Other Benefits of Beetroot Juice

  • It will also eradicate dark circles which appear under the eyes due to lack of sleep or with some other infection. Just mix this juice with a tinge of tomato juice and apply it to remove them completely in a few days.
  • It will also make your lips soft if applied on them every night before you hit the bed. Within very few days you will have luscious pink lips. It will also help in getting back the pink tinge on your cheeks, when you used to feel blushed, if you have it regularly.

The beet is a sight for sore eyes, sweet root veggie that most people either love or hate. It’s not introduced on the block, but has climbed the stairs to be called super food status in the last decade or so. Research shows that drinking beetroot juice has numerous benefits for your health.

Now let’s discuss its healthy tips;

A great way to detox naturally:

  • It’s juice is a unique source of betalains, a kind of phyto-nutrients. These compounds are famous for having strong anti-oxidants, anti-inflammatory and detoxification properties.
  • It totally cleans the liver by detoxifying all the toxins that linger on it’s walls and also help in flushing them out very smoothly.
  • They take the assistance of compounds like methionine and glycine, it never lets accumulation of fat build up take place inside the liver.
  • The liver might be weighed down by the accumulation of toxins resulting in liver disease or slowing its normal functions.
  • Thus, drinking beetroot juice will stretch a long way in safe guarding against such a scenario being created and beets are packed with antioxidants, B vitamins, calcium, iron and betaine.
  • All of them are natural killers of the toxins present in the whole body, especially the digestive and liver tracts.

Boosts enthusiasm and stamina:

  • Drinking a beetroot juice regularly broadens the blood vessels and enhancing the flow of blood easily, thus enhancing the level of oxygen that it carries alongside, making all organs feel energetic and strong.
  • The best time for having this juice is early in the morning on an empty stomach to wake up your all sleepy organs and you ought to face the world in a more enthusiastic way.
  • It also enhances your stamina in doing physical activity. It’s nitrate ingredient when converts into nitric oxide reduces the uptake of oxygen when you are doing extensive exercise or doing any physical work, thus making you get less exhausted.
  • So drinking beetroot juice will certainly help you boost your confidence level because you get less tired and do more work, thus making you regain a healthy and muscular body.

Enhances Blood Circulation:

  • Beetroot juice has a high concentration of natural chemicals like nitrate,etc.
  • A chain of reaction begins when the oxygen travel in a free flow of blood, easing almost all organs of the body by strengthening them.
  • All get enough amount of oxygen and blood which is required by them to function properly
  • All enjoy this functionality and begins functioning more strongly.

Beetroot juice also helps in lowering blood pressure, helps prevent against anemia &iron deficiency, helps with constipation and is amazing for digestion. It has so many benefits that you manage a strong healthy body and makes your skin absolutely flawless.