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he problem of hair fall is significant stress in the life of many! On the other hand, stress itself is the primary cause of hair fall. Well, whatever be the reason behind your hair fall, be it stress, pollution, medicine side effects, etc., we understand your pains. That pain when you realize alopecia can be your next stage!

Nobody would want a bald head and faded beauty because of hair loss. So here we have six fantastic tips that will help you manage your hair better and control the falling as well:

  1. Handle Gently: Handle your hair with love and care. Comb them gently; this will help in the circulation of natural oils very evenly on the scalp which will impart a shinier look.
  2. Maintain cleanliness: Just like your body needs a bath, your hair also needs a shower. It is recommended that people having dry scalp should take a hair wash every third day while oily scalp people can opt for washing hair every day. This will keep your scalp clean and healthy and prevent hair fall. Also, ensure using mild shampoos.
  3. Protein treatment: Apply natural protein-packed egg and yogurt mask for shiny looking hair. Also, these proteins will nourish your scalp and not only prevent hair loss but also stimulate new hair growth.
  4. Use helmet carefully: Wearing helmets induces sweating of scalp and hair. This makes the hair dirty and also promotes hair fall. To avoid losing your previous hair due to the helmet, maintain the cleanliness of hair also keep them moisturized. Also, keeping the helmet clean can be one effective hair fall solution.
  5. Almond oil therapy: Applying hot almond oil to the scalp offers great nourishment to the hair. This will prevent hair fall and also a good massage will improve blood flow to the scalp and hair.
  6. Hair transplant: If you’ve already lost so much hair that bald scalp is now visible, you can go for surgical hair transplant treatment. It has become widespread nowadays, and you can look for nearby clinics offering such services. The procedure involves transplanting hair from some other site on the body to the scalp to cover the bald patches.

VB7 hair capsules the ultimate hair fall solution:

Despite multiple natural methods available to control hair fall, most of us are unable to follow them owing to our busy schedules. Also, hair fall is a problem that requires immediate attention, and the natural remedies are unable to fulfill them. So, the ultimate hair fall solution here is the VB-7 capsules to control hair fall. These are natural formulation comprising of all essential amino acids which our body is in able to manufacture. Apart from the amino acids this formulation also includes essential vitamins, minerals, biotin, and other natural extracts.

Enriched with 35 important hair nutritional supplements VB7 capsules are a complete package to control hair fall. It also stimulates new hair growth, enhances the blood supply to the hair and reverses graying of the hair by nourishing hair from within.

To experience the best effects from VB 7 capsules, take one pill every day for three consecutive months, and you’ll be able to notice the difference.


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