Key Reasons Why Parents Should Consider Child Care

A lot of parents don’t consider putting their child into daycare unless they start back at work, but childcare is more than just looking after your child when you are unable. There are several reasons why a parent should consider childcare whether they are working or not.


Children who spend their days at home with their parent often only get to interact with family members or friends. Having the opportunity to socialise with a variety of other children, and adults, helps the child to learn, and practice, a wider range of social skills. They get the chance to interact with people they may never come across in their normal day-to-day at home. In a childcare setting they can begin to learn that everyone is different. Whether there are cultural, religious, age, or socio-economic differences the children get to see and accept the many variances within the community. It isn’t just the children who get to socialise more when they go to childcare, but the stay-at-home parent also gets the opportunity to go out-and-about, shopping, running errands, and socialise as well. Giving them the chance to relax and rejuvenate.


Apart from obtaining social skills, children in childcare begin to learn the abilities necessary for their future schooling. Through a series of structured and unstructured play experiences children in childcare learn concepts like same/different and begin to recognise letters and numbers. They learn routine and structure, how to cope without their parent at beck-and-call, and much more. Although a stay-at-home parent may read with their child and teach them some other valuable skills there is always so many other things a parent may have to achieve in a day, such as household chores, paying bills, doing shopping, or go to the gym. However, an educator in a childcare facility dedicates their day to the needs of the children. It is said that before a child reaches school age 90% of their brain has already developed, so early education gives your child an upper hand over stay-at-home children.


Although you may childproof your home for safety and set it up with toys to keep them entertained, a childcare centre is purposefully dedicated to the children. The resources they have are specifically designed to teach. They are governed by rules and regulations such as the National Quality Standards and the Early Years Learning Framework. Educators must be qualified or be working towards qualification whilst working under an educator who has already achieved their full training. Finding the right childcare provider for your family can be daunting but there are websites dedicated to helping parents. For example, someone in the St. Ives area can go to a website like Space to find the options available.

Putting your child into childcare isn’t about being a lazy parent, it is about giving your child the best early start you can. So, give your child the best opportunity to learn lifelong skills in their early years and enrol them with a quality childcare provider in your area today.