Develop a mindset that encourages growth and mental Health

Growth is a continuous process. We cannot control our physical growth as it is an automatic process but most of ignoring the growth of our minds and mental state. The majority of people do not have a growth mindset and those who have, stand out from the crowd. It is a misfortune that most us of are not aware of what mental growth is or are not ready to accept it as a lifestyle.

A growth mindset is very important to have a productive and successful life. It is an attitude that leads to constant learning and betterment of an individual that is impossible to achieve with a fixed mindset. 

Difference between a growth mindset and a fixed mindset

Growth mindset is a belief in the fact that as an individual we are bound to change and grow especially our minds. The only requirement to achieve this growth is to work towards and have a positive attitude. A person with a growth mindset will believe that nothing is impossible if the right steps are taken at the right time applying to write my assignment for me the right efforts.  It may take time according to an individual’s circumstances but it is possible for all.

A fixed mindset is a mind-frame that rigidly sticks to the beliefs that were taught or perceived and does not allow an individual to grow out of them. People with a fixed mindset limit their opportunities and gradually become negative by believing that they cannot achieve what they want. They restrict learning and do not consider criticism as a chance to learn and make oneself better.

The following steps are important to take to develop a growth mindset.

Learn to observe

Observation is the best way to learn. Develop the habit of observing your surroundings very carefully, observing the reactions of others and yourself in different situations. You have to mindful and present at the moment to develop observational skills. Everything is not learned through books so, be observant as it is the best way to learn life skills. An observant person becomes a lifelong learner as well.

Talk positively to yourself

It is very important to stay in a positive attitude to have a growth mindset. Most of us do not control our thoughts and let them wander towards negativity. However, to be a learner and an observer, you have to not only control the negative thoughts but have to change them into positive. Make sure that the self-talk is also positive with the affirmations that you can achieve anything you want. 

Rephrase negative statements

Negativity is not only spread by the attitudes but it is mostly transferred through words. If you have to say something negative to yourself or anyone else, rephrase the words and turn into a positive statement. For instance, if you fail to understand something, the thought that you are not able to get it should be changed to that I will try some other method and will figure it out.

Start using “Yet” a lot

Similar to the above point start using the word Yet often. Some things are not achieved at the first attempt but they can be if you will keep on trying. Remember we would not have been able to read Harry Potter if the writer had taken the first rejection seriously. So you might fail but you have to think that you are not able to achieve it yet!

Practice daily

These points are not supposed to be done once only. You might not be able to get to your goal yet of developing a growth mindset, but with practice, you can do it. Inculcate these habits in your daily life and you will be able to see the required results.

Allow yourself to take breaks and calm down

While practising and developing these habits, ensure that you do not go too harsh on yourself as it can cause loss of motivation. Take regular breaks and give yourself ample time to get your destination.