Specialized Dental Procedures For Smile Makeover

Conventionally, people are more concerned with the oral cavity. Many endeavors are taken to find a solution that helps oral to achieve significant changes in the oral cavity and relied upon lifestyle. With improved confidence, many dentists are ready to offer innovative solutions for any type of oral complexity. This is generally to induce better smile makeover and long-lasting health that imparts inner and outer personality. There are many treatments are emerging to give desired outputs. This article can explain some important procedure that helps readers to acquire desired insights. 

Tooth loss problem 

Recent research says, one among five members has suffered from tooth loss problems around a world. This creates a greater concern, where it has severe impacts on the basic functions of an oral cavity. In general, the actual digestion of a body starts from the oral cavity, where food particles are bitten, grinded, chewed which is then sent to a stomach for further digestion. There are many causes for tooth loss problem in which lifestyle, food behavior, a cleaning process is a major concern that needs to be taken into consideration. Most of the cuisines that are consumed contain harmful substances that affect tooth structure. Cleaning activities also have severe impacts on tooth loss problem

Preliminary consultation 

Commonly, general or family dentists can recommend patients to a specialist to perform an actual treatment. At first, complete details of patients are take into consideration which helps a clinic to proceed with a further process. Moreover, medical records are also inquiring either through documentation or with a personal meeting. Specific date and time are accommodated for consultation, which is calculated based on accessibility and availability of both doctors and patients. This consultation is made for oral examination and to check the possibilities of treatments for a particular patient.

Initial oral examination 

A complete oral check is made on a particular appointment in which the tooth loss problem is evaluated in a descriptive manner. In a comprehensive oral examination, dentist utilizes digital x-rays to conduct a visual exam and to have a view of inflammation, bleeding, periodontal pockets and calculus around or under a gum line, A dentist will check gums and teeth to ensure any previous works are done on teeth like fillings, bridges, crowns, etc. A report is made ready that helps a dentist to do further operation or respective treatments.

Dental implants 

Several ideas and treatments are innovated to fix missing tooth problems. Among Dental Implants is one of the popular approaches followed by many dental establishments. Generally, there are classified into two categories. Endosteal is the first one where it is represented as `in the bone’ and subperiosteal refers to an implant that rests on an upper phase of a jawbone and beneath the gum tissue. Subperiosteal is no longer in use in recent times because of less stability. Thus, endosteal is preferred widely due to its high success rate.

The main ideology of dental implants is replacing a new tooth instead of an existing one. The set of entire treatment takes a day and recovery time is based on the health factors of a particular sufferer. Initially, sedation is given in a particular area to acquire numbness and to get rid of pain and suffocation. If necessary, the existing damaged tooth is removed through an extraction process. A small hand drill is utilized to make holes in a particular area. A special titanium screw is inserted into the pit which going to act as a future root or pulp. 

Measurements are taken from the adjacent teeth to create an artificial one. A new tooth is fabricated from a laboratory that helps which is placed and tightened. Final adjustments are made and surface grinding is done to achieve permanent tooth structure. 

Bone grafting 

There are some eligibility factors to be considered for a dental implant process. Jaw bone health is an important consideration where it should be strong enough to withstand future dental implant a procedure. A general check is made on a jawbone to ensure strength. Bone grafting is a surgical process to increase the strength of a jaw to perform a dental implant process. A separate appointment is made for this surgery and several months are necessary for recovery.


When tooth loss complexity increases which lead to devoid of one or more teeth elements. To fix this process, dentures are widely accepted restorative options. Dentures in North Charleston SC are fabricated to be worn every day and removed at night time. It is designed to place over gums and supporting adjacent teeth. Apart from this, it is significant to note that dentures may not be a permanent replacement of teeth is the best choice to overcome from teeth absence.

  • Initially, impressions of gums are taken by dental examiners. Moreover, measurements of supporting teeth are also considered in making dentures.
  • Wax rims are placed in a mouth to acquire a proper placement and orientation of teeth. Patients are allowed to choose size, shape, and shade of teeth for dentures under the guidance of dentists in which size, shape, and shade of teeth are decided that helps to make the desired choice. 
  • First premade mockup dentures are taken from lab and fixed to ensure the comfortable nature of a person. Any modifications are made in future dentures if necessary. Then final dentures are set and tested for a bite and speaking tests.