Why Your Diet Might Not be Working

Going on a diet can be hard. It becomes increasingly frustrating, though, when the results don’t even show. You might wonder, what’s the point in putting in all of this effort if your body isn’t going to change anyway? Well, you don’t have to give your dreams of fitness up just yet, as there might be a simple reason why your diet might not be working.

You Are Not Calorie Counting

Many people think that eating healthy and moving more is all you need to do to lose weight. While this can be true, if you are eating good foods but still consuming over your maintenance level calories, you will not lose weight. To fix this, you need to figure out your BMR and eat within a calorie deficit.

You Lose Fat in Other Areas

If you’re on a diet because of a particular area, like your stomach, thigh, or face fat, and you’re not losing it, you might simply be losing it from elsewhere. There is no way to target fat with exercise. However, you can get coolsculpting in Austin, TX, for fat loss in particular areas. This, combined with your healthy eating and exercise plan, could enable you to feel happier about your progress.

Your Diet is Too Restrictive

Some dieters decide to eat a minimal amount compared to what they are used to in order to lose weight. That isn’t the way to go, though, as it will usually lead to binge eating. If you are in a cycle of eating too little and then overeating, then you won’t see great results, so instead, choose a diet plan that is less restrictive but still in a calorie deficit. It’ll be much more manageable!

You Haven’t Incorporated Exercise

If you are eating wellbut you aren’t moving enough, then you won’t see results as quickly as those who both eat right and exercise. Even just three twenty-minute workouts per week will make a huge difference to your fitness results over time, so be sure to incorporate working out into your diet plan.

You Haven’t Given It Enough Time

You can’t expect enormous changes in a matter of weeks. Many people don’t notice much change in their bodies for months! If you don’t think your new diet is working, consider how long you’ve been doing it and whether you’re just being a little impatient. Remember – changing your body takes time.

You Weigh Without Measuring

Weighing yourself isn’t the only way to determine if your diet is working. If you are doing a lot of exercise, you could be putting on muscle weight, which will show up on the scale. That doesn’t mean you’re not losing fat! As well as getting on the scales, get into the habit of measuring yourself so you can see your progress.

You Have a Medical Condition

The last reason you must consider is that you have a medical condition preventing you from losing weight. Some common ones include hypothyroidism, PCOS, and diabetes. So, if you’re doing everything right but the scale is still not budging, be sure to make an appointment with your doctor.