Effective Yoga Poses For Muscle Building

Yoga is an ancient form of exercise that has been practiced since ages. It not only unites the mind, body, and soul but also helps to connect with inner self and keep your body healthy and fit. It helps to calm your mind as well as a body through deep breathing exercises and stretching exercises and stay away from stress-related diseases. Moreover, yoga is an exercise that suits all sizes and shapes of the body.

Therefore, yoga for perfect body shape can be practiced by any person who wants to tone the muscles and build stamina and strength. One of the main reasons why people now prefer practicing yoga bodybuilding is because it makes them feel better and in shape.The right yoga poses help you gain muscle mass by breaking down the muscle fibers so that you can again build them back. This is how yoga for muscle gain works.

Yoga works better than most of the traditional body weight exercises as the tension in your body muscles is always built and present when you hold any yoga pose.Holding a yoga pose is harder and requires more of stamina, and so, yoga for muscle growth and muscle strength works better than any other form of exercise.Without further ado, here are some of the effective yoga poses that you can practice for muscle building:

  • Lying Down Leg Raise pose:

Lie on your back and raise your right leg.Hold your right big toe with the first two fingers of your right hand or hold a towel looped around your foot then lower your leg smoothly towards yourself.Try to hold for as long as you can and then gently release and repeat with your left leg and hand.

  • Tree pose:

Start with your feet rooted firmly to the floor. Then with your left leg firm, bend your right leg and place your foot on the inside of your left thigh. Place your palms together in a prayer pose and extend your arms straight up to the ceiling. Hold and then switch legs.

• Plow pose:

Lie on your back, arms at your sides and legs straight up. Squeeze your abs, keep your legs straight, and bring your legs back overhead. Try touching the floor with your toes. Keep your chin away from your chest.

• Forward Hero pose:

Sit on your heels and then slide your heels out to the side, so your lower back is touching the floor. Sit upright, inhale,and raise both of your arms, bringing your elbows by your ears. Keeping your buttock on the floor, reach forward with your torso and drape your body over your knees.

• Downward Dog pose:

Start on all fours with your hands shoulder-width apart. Then lift your knees off the ground slowly. Shift your hips as far back as possible to lengthen your spine and straighten your legs only to the extent that your spine can stay elongated. The position looks like an inverted V.

• Warrior 1 pose:

From downward dog pose, take one foot forward between your hands so that your forward thigh is parallel to the ground. Turn your back heel down and square your hips toward the front. Then open up your chest by raising your arms over your head and putting your palms together.Next, lean your head back and lengthen your lower back by moving your tailbone towards the ground. Hold the pose for some time and then switch sides.

• Spinal Stretch:

Sit cross-legged and then press your butt on the floor. Then lengthen your spine, reaching up with the crown of your head.Place your right hand on your left knee, inhale and lengthen your spine. Then twist to the left. Next, breathe and return to the centre.

Later switch sides, and repeat the pose. Slide your left hand onto the floor and extend your right arm overhead. Inhale and reach your fingers up toward the ceiling, then exhale and reach to the left,stretching your right side. Breathe and then switch sides again.

Hence, this is how yoga for muscle strength can help to bring the body into harmony and allows your body work at its maximum fitness capacity which in turn helps to increase your muscle growth.

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