5 Signs That it Is Time to Consider Assisted Living

While we all want to give our parents and senior loved ones the best care, that may not always be possible. Many of us live busy lives and so we may not always be around when they need us. Caregivers also get tired or frustrated, especially as loved ones get older. It is difficult to think about letting our loved ones live in assisted living facilities, so here are a few signs to look for that will tell you whether it is the right time to make the decision.

Accidents Happening More Often

Seniors are prone to falls and the frequency of these falls increases as we get older. However, if accidents or close calls are happening too often, it is time to consider assisted living. With people all around them to help and facilities designed to prevent falls, they will be in great hands.

Personal Care Is Suffering

Personal care can become difficult as a loved one ages. If tasks like bathing or dressing are becoming difficult, perhaps it is time to start looking up assisted living facilities.

Poor Diet

If you consistently have to throw food out or if food stays in the house or refrigerator too long, it is possible that a loved one is not eating as they should. This can lead to lots of complications, especially when we consider that seniors need to eat well for their health’s sake.

Memory Loss

Memory loss is quite common in senior adults. In many cases, it may not be concerning as your loved one may forget simple things like where they put their keys. However, when their memory loss becomes a danger to them, it is time to consider assisted living. Things like forgetting to lock the door or to turn the oven off pose serious avengers and there is no need to leave a loved one in such situations.

When considering assisted living for a loved one with memory or diminished cognitive abilities, it is important to consider facilities that also provide memory care. Facilities like McKnight Place assisted living are excellent as they have staff to assist seniors who want to retain some of their independence. Assisted living facilities of a high standard will also haveamazing memory care specialists for loved ones with a variety of cognitive abilities.

Loneliness and Lack of Companionship

Seniors can get incredibly lonely, especially since their friends may be old, may have passed away or they may not be able to get out of the house as much as they would like to. Companionship is critical at this age as it helps reduce the risk of stress and depression.

Assisted living facilities are built with a community structure in place. Your loved one will meet friends and have people around them all the time to keep the loneliness away.

Moving a loved one to an assisted living facility is a difficult conversation to have. However, doing so may be best for them, especially in cases where they do not have anyone to take care of them or to talk to.