What does a maternity nanny do?

Expecting parents of their first bouncing, bundle of joy may be dealing with feelings of uncertainty and anxiety at the arrival of their first child. Parents of their second, third or even fourth, bundle of joy are also completely within their right to feel overwhelmed and have concerns about managing a growing family. If you think you might need a little extra support, it’s perfectly natural to feel that way, but you should consider employing a childcare professional that specializes in new-born care. Night and Day Nannies has a team of specialized professionals, known as maternity nannies, who are best suited to the needs mentioned above. A maternity nanny is a qualified and highly experienced postnatal care specialist that comes with years of knowledge. They will come in to help you shortly after you give birth to your baby and begin reintegrating into your home. Some maternity nannies entered this specialization of childcare because they come from a medical background such as midwifery or paediatric nursing.

What is a Maternity Nanny?

The term most are familiar with is maternity nurses. The words nurse and nanny interchangeably apply in describing someone who is qualified to help mothers and their babies with postpartum care. In both cases, the person must have the mandatory three to five years’ experience with babies and have a valid paediatric first-aid certificate.

Maternity nannies or post-natal nannies are trained professionals who assist with general caretaking for new born babies. They create a support structure for mums and dads so that they can experience a comfortable routine shift into full-time parenthood. A good maternity nanny in Melbourne will usually work within your household shortly after birth to help with the initial adjustment and they can stay for up to 12 weeks, or longer if needed, on a 24/7 schedule. This would require that parents are prepared to host the nanny in a live-in environment. They offer many services and can often give invaluable advice to help parents who are having their first child and even those who already have children. We have a recent cost guide which explains how much a maternity nanny will cost.

Here’s what a maternity nanny can do:

1. Round the clock availability

Maternity nannies have a working schedule that can be anything from 24/7 to a few hours of daily support for as long as you need. It’s all dependent on what your family requirements and support needs are but it doesn’t matter, because a maternity nanny is trained and prepared to be flexible. For those looking for round the clock support, it is a good idea to make space for the nanny to have downtime when required. This could be a separate area or room. This will help to keep them focused, alert and motivated to fulfil their duties effectively.

2. Excellent routine management

A maternity nanny has extensive experience working with many newborn babies and they know how they will affect your day-to-day routine. It’s good that they know this because they can collaborate with parents to build a new routine that works perfectly for everyone while prioritizing the child’s needs. Whether there are strict routine requirements or a more relaxed style, an experienced postnatal specialist can make it work for everyone in the time that they spend working for you.

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3. Parenting and newborn care lessons

Again, a maternity nannies expansive experience with all kinds of babies makes them the resident expert on how to care for them. They can show you, teach you and carry out duties required to maintain the best physical and emotional health of an infant. These can be, but are not limited to, bathing, dressing, cleaning (babies’ areas) , settling, comforting, taking out for walks in the pram and sterilizing bottles. They can do all this while teaching the parents to do the same effectively and consistently. As the child grows, they can also provide invaluable advice about age-appropriate stimulation like singing, reading and other educational development for growing babies.

4. Give parents the gift of good rest

Maternity nannies are mainly employed because they do all the caring in the hours that the parents need to sleep. Even though a baby is inevitably going to change your life, they don’t have to be a hindrance to healthy sleep that we all need. That’s why a maternity nanny can step in to support parents in the initial stages to get some well-deserved rest. They can also help with any post-birth recovery that the mother needs because childbirth is a difficult journey for everyone.

These and many other services are on offer for parents who need support in those first few difficult days. If you choose Night and Day Nannies for your maternity nanny hire you can be sure that your family is receiving the best professional support that you require to make a smooth transition into parenthood.