Things to Know Before Buying a Whole Body Vibration Machine

Benefits of Whole Body Vibration Machine

The whole body vibration machine is known as a device, sports equipment to support the practitioner not only in the gym but also in the households. Currently the whole body vibration machine is available in many gyms. Therefore, the whole body vibration machine also has many models and more and more improved to meet the needs and tastes of consumers. However, regardless of the improvement, the body vibrator still has some main functions that bring practical benefits to the users.

Exercise without effort

The movements with the whole body vibration machine are simple but effective. The basic move to practice on a vibrator is to stand on the base of the vibrator and press the control button. No effort to jog, not to exercise miserable abdominal exercises but still bring the body shape as you like.

Dissolve excess body fat effectively

The mechanism of action of the vibrator is vibration, vibration and vibration. The process of vibrating with different levels of vibration will affect the entire body on the body, especially the fat tissue on areas such as hands, stomach, buttocks, thighs, legs … will be hit and vibrated continuously, creating The massage through the vibration intensity of the device dispels body fat quickly without causing any difficulties or pain for the practitioner.

Reduce joint aches, blood circulation better

The special thing is that thanks to the whole-body vibration mechanism, all of our muscles are constantly operated and operated, helping the blood circulation to be stronger, supporting the metabolism. pushes harmful substances out of the body. In addition, the whole body vibration as well as the vibration waves impact on the body, creating a relaxing massage sensation on the whole musculoskeletal muscles, helping to soothe but relieve the aching muscles for overtraining or keeping long standing poses can cause numbness or soreness.

Option to reduce fat in needed areas

Many people only have excess fat in areas such as the abdomen, arms, or waist even though the body has a normal weight. The whole body vibration machine will be a perfect choice for you, eliminating the anxiety when encountering this situation. Only with the whole body vibration machine, it can reduce body fat, but with the mechanism of vibration operation at different vibration intensity, you can adjust the intensity accordingly to suit each corresponding movement. with the area you need to affect and reduce fat. And from there, the practitioner can practice with many different postures such as standing, sitting, standing with one foot on the vibrating table, sitting on his knees with his hands on the vibrating table, … Depending on the area of ​​the body you want to affect.

Improve the quality of life

In addition to the immediate removal of excess fat, and burning calories, the whole body vibration machine is also a comprehensive healthcare product. With intensive full body vibration exercises not only bring a toned physique but also helps relieve symptoms of fatigue, stress, activates the joints of the legs, muscles, tendons to soothe arthritis, degeneration joints, while limiting dangerous diseases of the heart, blood pressure, diabetes. Therefore, using a daily vibrator will enhance, improve and restore health, bring a good night’s sleep and head. My mind is sharp, helping to prolong life.

Above are the main uses of the whole body vibration machine, hopefully after the article will help you understand more about the features as well as the optimal uses of the vibrator that you currently own. If you do not own a vibrator yet, why not visit the following link immediately to choose for yourself and your loved one the whole body vibration machine?

Guide to start using the whole body vibration machine

Step 1: Need to check the electrical part of the machine, to operate the machine stable, the power supply must also meet the standard.

Step 2: Then you just stand on the machine, one hand clinging to the handle, the other hand turn on the machine and select the exercise mode, two hands cling to the handle to fix your body. The device will start to vibrate and transfer to your body through the pedestal. To get the best effect, you should practice with different levels of vibration.

Step 3: Press the stop button, the vibration decreases then stops completely. To save energy, after training you should disconnect the power and store the machine in a cool place. You can keep it clean by covering it with a thin cloth to prevent dust.

Who should use the whole body vibration machine

Whole body vibration machine brings great benefits for the practitioner, it helps to relax the body, burn fat, eliminate fatigue and also improve muscle. So the whole body vibration machine is suitable for heavy workers who often have to carry loads. Just 30 minutes of standing on the machine will make the body recover, alertness, work efficiency is much better.

For those who have to sit more, less sedentary, the exercise with low frequency of vibration, light rhythm will help blood circulation, mental alertness. If exercising in high intensity vibration mode can even increase the flexibility of the body, dispel excess body fat, maintain a slim physique.

Mistakes when using the whole body vibration machine, making the machine not effective:

-Using the machine for too long, often abusing and depending on the machine

-Use the device right after eating or the stomach is too hungry

-When starting to use the machine has chosen the strongest level that the body could not adapt

-Not persistent practice, practice a few days and then quit

-Eat and drink brake, do not control

-These mistakes will make using the device useless. Therefore you need to eliminate these habits immediately, if you want to conquer the ideal physique.


Above are the things that before buying a whole body vibration machine that you need to know. Depending on your needs and space, choose the most suitable one. Although the vibrator is very effective, if used incorrectly, it will bring a lot of health effects, so please maintain the right training for the best effect.