5 ways to add protein to your diet | High Protein Low fat foods

Proteins are the essential macro nutrients that are necessary for body growth and development. It is one of the basic diets needed by the body and without proteins the body will not grow to what it is suppose to grow.

Hence, proteins are called as the building blocks of life. Besides water, protein is the next big thing that the body cannot live without. So, don’t you ever skip your protein diet and make sure to give it abundantly to your young growing children and teens.

It is found in all the cells of the body and therefore form the major structure in the body especially the muscles. Proteins are good for your heart, your skin, improve your immunity system; it increases your metabolism and strengthens your muscles.

Hairs and nails are mostly made up of protein and its main uses are to repair the body’s tissue. Proteins are not only found in dals or beans but there are plenty of other sources of proteins.

We will see here some of the top most sources of protein. These vegetables and meat are so rich in protein that you don’t have to take protein supplement but you just need to include this in your diet.

5 Food with High Protein Low fat foods

  1. EGGS:

Eggs are the best and they are so rich in protein. They have many nutritious value and nutrients, vitamins and all the important healthy good things. In fact eggs are the healthiest food on earth.

With high protein and low fats, eggs contains vitamin A, B5, B12, B2, D, E, K, phosphorous, folate, calcium, zinc and many more in less quantity.

Eggs also help in reducing cholesterol, reduced heart disease, improve eyesight and make you loss weight too. You can have egg for your breakfast either with boil eggs or fry or mixed it with your favorite salads as well.


All these are same but different. Soy, dals and beans are like one family with different species. There are a variety of beans and soy, all of which are rich in proteins.

Next to egg, these lovelies come in second position as the diet that gives you a healthy protein. They are loaded with vitamins, minerals, fibres and nutrients.

It reduces the effect of menopause, improves digestion, promotes bone health, protects against birth defects, increases circulation and decreases the risk of diabetes. Some beans even have anti-cancer properties.

Beans, soy and dals are very delicious too; you can include it in your diet using various delicious recipes.

  • SEAFOOD [ Another cool high protein low fat foods for your diet]

I am a lover of seafood. I don’t know about you. Fishes, crabs, lobsters all falls under the category of sea foods. Besides protein, sea foods contain omega 3 fatty acids which are so healthy and demanding.

It boosts your skin collagen, improves your overall health and most importantly it meets your omega 3 requirement and sea foods are very hygienic as compare to meat.

Besides being high in protein, it has vitamins, minerals and low cholesterol. Hence it lowers the risk of bad cholesterol in your body.


For all those vegetarian fellas, nuts and seeds are the best way to add protein too your diet. Cashew nuts, almonds, walnuts, peanuts are all rich in protein. Then we have nature’s best seeds like sunflower seed, pumpkin seed, hemp seeds, flax seeds and sesame seeds.

All these nuts and seeds meet the requirement of your need for protein just like any other sources of protein. They provide you with essentials proteins enough for body growth and development.

Nuts and seeds reduce the risk of heart disease, prevent and heal type 2 diabetes and rich in antioxidants which improves your immunity and chances of falling ill.

So, all through the day whenever you feel hungry or feel like having a snack, take out your nuts and share them with your friends or colleagues.


Milk and yoghurt contains some key ingredients for maintaining bone health and osteoporosis. It is rich in protein, calcium, potassium, phosphorous and vitamin D.

Yoghurt aids digestive issue even though, milk to some extend might not be good for the stomach (depends on your body) because some people cannot digest milk properly but they have no harm with yoghurt.

Milk and yoghurt enhances skin complexion and great for your teeth and bone. It reduces high blood pressure and provides you tons of nutrients.

These are the top high protein low fat foods and even if they have fats in them but these are healthy fats not the bad fats that harm your health. Above all eat healthy stay healthy.