4 Ways That The Right At Home Care Will Matter to Your Loved One

While it’s true that your loved one can no longer manage alone, that doesn’t mean the time has come to think about assisted living facilities. Instead, looking into options for at home care would be the best solution.  As you look into the possibilities, don’t lose sight of how this arrangement could be beneficial for your loved one. Here are a few examples.

Remaining in Familiar Surroundings

At this stage of life, being able to remain in a place that’s known and comfortable is important. By choosing to find a caregiver for your loved one, there is no need to move into a strange place. Instead, it’s possible to remain in the home and enjoy it for many more years.

There will be one change; a caregiver will now be on the premises. Whether that person moves in and provides care around the clock, or is present for a determined number of hours each day, depends on your loved one’s needs. In any event, the care is provided in a setting that your loved one knows well.

No Longer Overwhelmed By What Needs Attention

While you may not know the full extent of it, there’s a good chance that your loved one is more frustrated than anyone realizes. Consider how it used to be so easy to take care of things around the house; now, there are tasks that require more strength or dexterity than your loved one possesses. Looking around and seeing things left undone can weigh heavily on the mind of anyone who was once able to manage without help.

By securing the right caregiver, all those things can once again be managed. While your loved one is no longer handling them personally, it’s possible to see that they are being done. Being able to look around and see that all is in order will be a relief.

Help With Personal Hygiene and Other Matters

Bathing and other aspects of personal hygiene are among the things that don’t come as easily as before. While there is still much that your loved one can do, having someone on hand who knows how to help with the rest will be a great comfort. From making sure getting in and out of the shower is safe to help with getting dressed to making sure the hair is combed and set, the right caregiver can make a difference.

One of the things that the caregiver will do is ensure your loved one continues to do whatever is within his or her ability. When helps is needed, the caregiver steps in and provides it. This helps your loved one to still feel in control while ensuring that there is no potential for overdoing things.

No More Missed Medication

A key element of at-home care is making sure that your loved one does not forget when the time comes to take medication. This has been an issue lately and has the potential to trigger some sort of negative response. With a caregiver present, there will be no more worries about medication not being taken on time.

Depending on the amount of support your loved one needs, the caregiver may prepare the medication. If the main issue is forgetting to take it, then a reminder will be all it takes for your loved one to prepare the medication while the caregiver gets a glass of water to wash it down.

These are only a few of the ways that care at home can be good for your loved one. Talk with a professional agency today and explore the options. The right type of care may be easier to settle on than you thought possible.